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Glazer Promos to Join FacilisGroup • Glazer Promos

Mahwah, NJ 2017 Glazer Promos is pleased to announce that they will officially be joining the FacilisGroup this Fall, 2017. The company is beyond excited to partner up with such an influential and prominent promotional products community. The FacilisGroup is designed specifically for the promotional products industry. The company’s strategic goal is to provide distributors … read more

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How to revive a dead job search - Beyond The Tenure Track

This PhD job seeker had all the odds stacked against her: full teaching load and conference travel schedule while job searching a job search that dragged on for 8+ months (until she revived her strategy with these simple steps) trying to secure a job in a different state about 850 miles from where she lived Check out this video to learn the simple steps she took to reassess and course correct ...

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torn – Conor Grennan

torn. There’s a hole in my shoe. Not in the sole, either, though that’s its own nightmare – you’re walking through a downpour in NYC in shiny dress shoes and suddenly one foot is sump-pumping in rainwater like it’s trying to dry out the city. (Though in fairness, also very hobo-chic, holes in shoe soles.) This hole, the one I have ...

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